Garden Pond & Water Features


Aquatic Services is a full service garden pond/water feature service company. We can custom design and build a water feature to meet your needs. We specialize in filtration systems to keep your pond healthy and clear. We install canister, box and backwash filters to fit any size pond. UV sterilizers from 8 watts to 600 watts help keep any size pond crystal clear. For ponds that have issues with high temperatures in the heat of the summer, we utilize evaporator chillers to keep the pond at an optimum temperature.

We specialize in custom installed netting to keep leaves or unwanted predators from entering the pond. One of our many services is winterizing your pond in the fall and reopening it in the spring. We also offer many different de-icing methods to keep your fish healthy during the winter months.

We can clean all fish ponds by removing and storing the fish. We save approximately 75% of the water to re-use in order to maintain fish health. We then clean all the debris from the pond without the use of soap or chemicals to ensure the health of your fish.


Landscape lighting is a great way to enjoy your pond or water feature after dark. We can illuminate even the darkest of areas with LED or incandescent lighting. Options available are: low or high voltage and surface or subsurface lighting.


Aquatic Services can provide a water feature to enhance your home or commercial outdoor design. We install all types of pond-less fountains, tiered fountains, and self-contained waterfalls. We also repair, clean and maintain all types of water features.

Construction and maintenance of water features is one of our specialties.

Low voltage lighting adds a dramatic view at night

Example of a tumbling waterfall

Example of vertical waterfall