Lakes and Pond Management


Aquatic Services is an Aquamaster, Airmax and Kasco dealer. We are an authorized sales and service center for all three manufacturers. We have been installing fountains and aeration systems for over 25 years. In addition we service and repair all makes and models of fountains and aerators. Our services also include aerator removal in the fall, winter storage, and reinstallation in the spring. We can customize a system to meet the aeration and aesthetic needs of any lake or pond.   


Data gathered will be utilized to formulate the best management program for your water body. The survey includes water analysis, soil analysis, fish survey/study, depth soundings, and plant identification. We will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings with recommendations. 


Aquatic Services can formulate a fish stocking program to help maintain a healthy fish population. We construct and install artificial reefs and feeders. 

Aquatic Services can custom build docks, small foot bridges, pathways, and retaining walls to accent your lake or pond. We install goose control measures when necessary.  

 Sub surface aerators are utilized to maintain healthy dissolved oxygen levels.

Fountain aerators are beautiful and can maintain healthy oxygen levels benefiting fish and aquatic life.

We build and install automated fish feeders for any size lake or pond.